Rural area

Located in the geographic center of Galicia, the rural area of Portodemouros is composed of territories Agolada, Arzúa, Boimorto, Melide, O Pino, Santiso Sobrado, Toques, Tour and Vila de Cruces. All these municipalities integrates one of the most emblematic areas of Galician tourism.

Here crosses the Camino de Santiago shortly before reaching its goal of Compostela. In this area gentle and suitable for the rest, including oaks and pines, along with the whisper of the river water, is where you can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities.

Specifically, in Vila de Cruces, the municipality in which there is the Casa dos Cregos, visitors can choose between:

  • Difficulty walking trails minimum
  • River beaches, such as A Carixa en Merza or the Illas de Gres, in the Ulla
  • Relax and health in the bath Brea Spa
  • Water Sports Portodemouros reservoir.

Very near the house, it is also advisable to visit the Fervenza da Toxa or Fontao mining town.